New Zealand

New Zealand is a similar size similar to Japan, California or Great Britain, but with a population of just over four million you will get a wonderful sense of space and freedom that you will find in few other places. Our unique and dynamic culture reflects Maori, Pacific Island, European and Asian influences. New Zealanders are friendly, welcoming people who tend to be practical, value individuality and are quite relaxed.

Studying in New Zealand will give you the chance to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in a country of rare natural beauty. With a population of only 4.1 million, our beaches, sub-tropical forests and mountains are uncrowded, clean and easy to get to. Diverse geography

New Zealand is an archipelago made up of over 700 islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Most people live on the two largest islands, the North and South Islands, which together are similar in size to Japan or the United Kingdom. Located on the Pacific Rim of Fire, New Zealand has a spectacular and fertile landscape sprinkled with volcanoes, geothermal parks and hot springs.


The official languages in New Zealand are English, Māori and Sign Language. English is commonly used for business, instruction and everyday use.

  • Some Facts of NEWZEALAND:
  • 98% of newzealand population speaks English
  • Wellington is the capital city of newzealand,And it is the southern most capital city in the world.