Admissions is an art and a science. Quickly identifying who is ready to pursue an advanced degree and fairly comparing applicants is a significant challenge. The GRE tests are standardized and objective measures that give faculty committees a way to directly compare applicants with different backgrounds and experiences. Thousands of graduate and professional school programs around the world, including business and law, use GRE test scores as part of their admissions process.

  • About the GRE Tests
    The GRE tests were created more than 70 years ago to provide common measures that would enable graduate applicants to be compared, regardless of their background. The GRE Program’s dedication to fairness exemplifies nonprofit ETS’s mission to help advance quality and equity in education for all people.
  • The GRE Subject Tests
    The GRE Subject Tests measure undergraduate achievement in a particular field of study and help departments evaluate applicants' readiness for graduate school. Carefully developed by committees of examiners with expertise in particular disciplines, each GRE Subject Test measures content taught in undergraduate programs that is important for graduate study in that discipline. The tests are intended for individuals who have an undergraduate major or extensive background in the field. These paper-delivered tests are offered three times per year (September, October and April) in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.
  • Prepaid Voucher Service
    Use prepaid vouchers to pay GRE test fees or official score report fees on behalf of sponsored test takers. Institutions and organizations can order and prepay for vouchers which they then distribute directly to their applicants. Vouchers carry the name of your organization and are valid for 1 year from date of issue. For more information, download the form. To order vouchers, complete the form and submit it to GRE Institutional Services as indicated on the form.

Helpful features

  • The user-friendly interface lets you tap into the database of about 400,000 individuals from around the world who have already taken a decisive step toward pursuing an advanced degree. And with updates to our database twice per week, fresh names are always available.
  • Thousands of search combinations are possible with more than 30 search criteria, listed below. You can geotarget prospects within a specified radius of any location you choose, and select names based on a GRE test date or planned date of enrollment that suits your timing needs. It all adds up to a recruitment campaign you can execute with the precision you need to meet your specific goals..
  • Delegate full-access ordering privileges to up to five other members of your department for backup or to accommodate different team member roles. You can even delegate privileges to an agency that manages your marketing campaigns so they can access Search Service names on your behalf to maximize results.
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Test Content

The GRE General Test closely reflects the kind of thinking you’ll do in today's demanding graduate school programs, including business and law. It measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills — skills that have been developed over a long period of time and aren’t related to a specific field of study but are important for all..

Getting Started with Uniaro

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