Canada is a popular choice among international students due to the country's amazing natural landscapes, award winning lifestyle and world class education standards. Since we have been recruiting students for Canada,We have experienced a high visa success rate amongst our clients.

Canada has a large selection of universities and university colleges located in both urban and rural settings in every region of the country. Here universities are internationally known for the quality of teaching and research. Degrees from Canadian universities are considered to be equivalent to those from American and other Commonwealth universities. Canadian universities are largely publicly funded; as a result they are of a consistently high quality, regardless of location or area of study. As well, they all retain a high degree of academic autonomy.

Most universities have a large number of part-time or continuing education students. They offer a broad range of courses and a full range of degrees from undergraduate to doctorates, and can also offer certificates and professional degrees. Fees for universities differ depending on the province, institution and program of study.

As Canada has two official languages - English and French - an international student can take a degree either at an English language or French language institution. Some universities offer instruction in both languages. However, students do not have to be fluent in both languages to attend a Canadian university.

To qualify for a degree program at most English-speaking universities, students for whom English is not a first language must have passed an English examination test. The TOEFL is commonly accepted but Canadian universities often have their own tests for students or may accept other English examination tests such as the IELTS.

  • Accomodation
    A number of housing options are available in the Canada for the international students matching to their budget. One can opt on-campus or off-campus accommodation conveniently located near the university or school. Normally accommodation is not that expensive in Canada. It may take hardly 1/4th of the total cost of living expenses.

  • Courses & Universities
    • It is possible to work in Canada while you are here as a student, and there are opportunities for jobs on and off campus. You will need to apply.
    • Working on campus You may work on campus at the institution where you study without a work permit if:you are a full-time student at a public post-secondary institution, such as a college or university.

  • Working off campus
    The Off-Campus Work Permit Program allows certain foreign students to work off campus while completing their studies. To qualify, you must be a full-time student enrolled at a participating publicly funded post-second ary educational institution or in an approved program at an eligible privately funded institution.

  • Some Facts of Canada

  • Beaver is the national animal

  • Canada is the highest territory education enrollment

  • It is the 9th biggest economy of the world

  • English & French are official languages.

  • Maple leaf is in the center of canada's flag